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Mandy Gero, OFS, Spiritual Director & Positive Psychology Practitioner 

GroundHovering is my blog that I created to inspire and encourage while sharing my practice as a Spiritual Director and Positive Psychology Practitioner.  Traveling, training and formal education have developed my passion to join the sacred walk of others on their wellness journey in both practical and spiritual ways that unfold in each unique life. The joy that we can share in our sessions can be onsite, virtually or on an adventure. I have hiked during a session with one of my clients, giving anyone the opportunity for onsite sessions amidst your active life. Each Season of 2024, I will be offering Day Retreats and Active Spirituality Adventures for my clients. 


Spiritual Direction grows our heartfulness and can be quite healing and inspirational. Listening is the hallmark of spiritual direction. We can explore the heart of your spirituality and where you're desiring to grow in relationship with the Divine. Direction allows for you to have a companion that joins you on your sacred walk. As I accompany my clients, we savor the wisdom and insights, joys and sorrows woven throughout your spiritual life. Discerning the leading of the Spirit, is a practice for the spiritual person, religious person or curious person. Creative practices, prayer in many forms, ceremonial practices, contemplative practices and silence can be facets of any our sessions. 

60-minute sessions are available.



Positive Psychology practices help to identify virtues and grow character strengths, giving way to personal growth and meaning in your life. If words like, Wisdom, Courage, Justice, Temperance and Transcendence draw your attention than what is hovering around them with in you is ready to grow! Growth is natural in our humanity with our character strengths rising to meet the challenges in our life. In a session, we can explore these and develop a plan to grow your strengths.  Creative Practices and expressions can be woven into any sessions. As you choose a primary virtue, we will explore the character strengths at the center of this virtue to develop your potential and positive personality. An example, is choosing the virtue of Courage, then exploring the strengths of Bravery, Perseverance, Honest and Zest for a fuller life. Initial session is 90 minutes, following sessions can vary in length from 90 to 45 minutes. If you choose an adventure or active session, this can be implemented after the initial session for each client. 

Thank You for Visiting, Book Today, Sessions are Limited!

Dates for Day Retreats and Adventures Coming Soon! 

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"There is always time for us to know, who we truly are and grow."

-Mandy Gero, OFS,

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