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Kindness Refreshes Seasons

As Autumn gives way to Winter, celebrations of many traditions fill our days with more than enough to do. What fuels this active time for us? Perhaps, in the midst of this hustle is the strength of Kindness hidden within us. Kindness is a virtue of being human and a beautiful character strength. Let's explore kindness in some of its activeness within us.

Being Generous is a form of kindness: in our acts of generosity toward others during the "giving" season, we are kind. When we generously lavish gifts and donate our time to families, organizations and occupations, we grow our kindness. Kindness also grows when we generously pause to take a deep breath as we ground ourselves the depths of kindness to ourselves. The challenge in generosity can perpetuate business or become a refreshing act of kindness. Let wisdom grow and guide you as your generosity strengthens your kindness.

Being Nurturing and Caring is a form of kindness: in the glances and compassionate assistance we can lend to any one struggling. During this season, we can practice this nurture and care for creation, others and ourselves. Every time we are patiently waiting in a line, we can pay attention to the needs of those around us by sharing a kind word or pay it forward for the single parent struggling with three toddlers. We can take a moment to compliment someone, take a meal to a friend, or make time for ourselves to be well cared for during this season. Maybe a walk in the park or feeding the migrating birds will refresh creation and your soul as you care and nurture so many others.

Being Altruistic is a hallmark of kindness: in our utter compassionate actions for sake of another is part of our being human. Yes, this may seem like the summit of kindness but it is also relational in our interactions. Altruism is seen in the selfless service of others. Steeped in empathy, one may feed others at a shelter while giving anonymously to giving funds and goods. Altruism grows when we take action for the happiness and well-being of another. Does this remind you of any relationships like parenting, fostering, or healthcare? This strength is a motivation for many that can be discovered and harnessed to develop more compassion within you.

As you ponder Kindness, take a few moments to reflect on your relationships as kindness helps to strengthen you in relationship with others. These relationships may be momentary or intentional, special or stressful, but they are the place for us to exercise the strength of Kindness! Take heart and practice kindness this season!

If you would like to discover and explore more of your virtues and character strengths, contact me to book a Positive Psych Practice Session or sign-up for Spiritual Direction to grow in your spiritual journey! Or combine them to unleash your fullest potential!

In Kindness,

Mandy Gero, OFS


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