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Cooperation as a Lenten Practice

Updated: Mar 13

Lent is a Season of 40 days for the Christian Faith Community. In the Catholic Church, we center on prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The deepening of our faith happens when we commit to growing during Lent not just abstaining. The fruit and character strength of Self-Control is plentiful during Lenten times.

Several years ago, I found fasting from the distractions of social media so fruitful that I began to write more. As I began to reflect on this, I realized that I had added the practice of silence while fasting. And this began a new practice of adding something challenging to grow in during my Lenten Practice.

This year Cooperation was an obvious choice for me. Cooperation as a practice is rooted in listening, wisdom and community. This practice is relational, practical at home and at work. Challenging enough to build my faith and prayers. Because Cooperation is not something we think of first in many situations but can be the outcome of some situations without us realizing our part. Like the butterfly, pictured above feeding on a flower from a plant that a gardener knew it would enjoy in bloom. When we want to cooperate in any situation, we come into, there is a peace that we bring to it. This peace is a surprise gift that resides in practicing cooperation. Peace is the fruit and discord is the true fasting. Setting aside our own agenda for the sake of practicing cooperation is where our strength grows quickly. Cooperation opens our minds to possibilities of building instead of defending, growing instead of condemning, listening instead of ignoring and peace over discord.

Where will you grow this Lenten Season?

Will your practices this Spring bring the fruits that nourish your soul and bring new life?

Let us find these answers together this Spring during a Spiritual Direction Session!

In Gratitude for Cooperation,

Mandy Gero, OFS


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