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How Do You Know You're Strong?

We can feel strong and also be strong. When you answer this question, I know I am strong because...

You make an affirmation.

"I know I am strong because I can adapt to change rapidly."

This affirmation is full of developing character strengths like creativity and virtues of wisdom and courage!

What if your affirmation is, "I know I am strong because I eat well and weight train to stay strong."

This affirmation has character strengths of prudence and perspective within the virtues of temperance and wisdom.

How Do You Know Your Strengths?

You discover them as they are revealed in your life by choices and experiences. Through reflection on where the roots of your strengths come from. Like a tree, life experiences are the weather that makes us stronger. There are occasions that our strength is innately part of us or it's something we have grown into our daily life. Virtues are gifts that grow within our strengths. And for the spiritual, the essence of strength comes from the Indwelling Divine Spirit growing grace in our lives. Trees grow stronger in strong winds, which are present this January in the northeast of the States. We also grow stronger in the winds of our lives when we grow deeper in virtues and character strengths. On our spiritual journey, these same winds fortify our faith and the virtue of transcendence.

You can discover your strengths during Positive Psychology Practices in a session. And explore your strengths and virtues in Spiritual Direction. Book Today!

There is no limit to heights that you can reach and depths that you can grow to this year! Let's get Stronger together this year!

In Strength,

Mandy Gero, OFS


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