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St. Clare's Light For Us

Franciscan JPIC Article August 2023 Franciscan Fraternity Canticle

In honor of St. Clare, I chose her wisdom to share as my first writing for our Franciscan Fraternity Canticle. The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) highlighted the example of St. Clare last year on August 4th. This article is rich with her grace and concludes with a pledge that inspires us. The qualities that she so bravely shared publicly are a light to our path as we celebrate her Feast Day this month. Let us be blessed by her example and grace!

In summary, these treasures are being Courageously Peaceful by preventing violent attacks against her religious community by the Power of Prayer and Eucharist. Persistent in embracing poverty for her community and being the first woman to write and have her community rule approved by the Pope. In her abandonment of privilege and wealth, her radical egalitarian rule allowed for the voice of every sister, regardless of their status or qualification to have an equal say in all decisions of the community. A courageously peaceful, persistent egalitarian as a light to all is our sister Clare. May her life inspire and illuminate our path.

Taking Action with the St. Clare Pledge:

  1. I will be courageously peaceful, speaking up in solidarity with those at risk even when it is uncomfortable to do so. I will bring the light of Christ and a Franciscan spirit of gentle nonviolence into difficult situations in my family, community, nation, and world.

  2. I will be persistent, refusing to give up or become discouraged when my advocacy for justice, peace, creation, and human dignity does not bring quick results.

  3. I will be egalitarian, placing myself on an equal footing with all people and refusing to treat one person with more consideration than another based on social status, wealth, political affiliation, race, ethnicity, sex, or other characteristics.

These articles that I write for my local fraternity are published monthly in our Fraternity Canticle. JPIC stands for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. My role as animator is new to me this year. May these writing be a blessing to your advocacy and journey.



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