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“Courage is the advantage of our focus to conquer yet another mountain in our life.”

Have you ever pondered how courageous you are at any given moment of your life?

Courage Transforms Focus

Courage is a character strength in a list that many forget to ponder. But we do know and hear stories of so many courageous individuals throughout our life. Can you remember one of these stories?

I think of how a man ran into a fire to rescue others before anyone else realized there was a fire. This happen when I was letter carrier in NJ several years ago. What about the time we swallow our anxiety hard and get up to speak before a group of people who see us but hear each word we speak said by an interpreter? This happened to be me when I was in Kenya and several other times. These are only two examples that I recall, how many do you recall that impacted your life?

When we focus on how we see courage displayed in others, we begin to grow our own. If we focus on the time, we were courageous we expand our life. When I saw the courageous acts of so many individuals and read the stories and testimonies of many others, I grow courage. The growth we need is dynamic when we ponder our courageous acts throughout our life.

Grab a journal or a note on your phone and jot them down. Take the time to reflect on the big ones and the little ones too. Like the time your fear of spiders, was put aside to admire the web that big spider has woven and still lived to continue weaving. Research has shown that courage is apt to grow not in the face of fear but in the instances that draw your integrity to be expressed or shared. After you ponder your courageous life, leave a comment and share one. We all need to grow our courage!


If you would like to share a Positive Psych session about Courage or Sacred Walk in the snow for Spiritual Direction, just let me know! I will bring my boots!

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Wonderful and inspiring!! Way to go!!

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