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Staying Curious!

Engaging Life with Curiosity


Do you have a desire to have new experiences or build your knowledge? Being curious is the character strength that keeps us engaged in the ongoing experiences of life. When we are excited to meet new people, explore new places or learn new facts about an area of interest, we grow curiosity. When we are in the search to find meaning in our lives, curiosity aids our efforts. When curiosity leads us into new experiences that resonate for us, we discover more joy and passion in our lives. Relationships can be refreshed and more satisfying when we remain curious.

How do we begin growing curiosity…Ask Questions! 

Actively seeking knowledge and understanding is a hallmark of curiosity and love of learning strengths. Being curious about life’s meaning and spirituality can bring forth lots of questions. What are we most curious about?

Let’s discover a more engaging life this Spring. Sharing these questions and growing our strengths can begin a session in spiritual direction or positive psychology practices.

Be curious, find more answers and ask more questions in a session!

Engaging Life Curiously,

Mandy L Gero, OFS


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